To the Mother in Waiting

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. When she speaks, her words are wise.” Proverbs 31:25

Happy Mother’s Day! I have spent many Mother’s Days celebrating the beautiful mothers in my life. This includes my own mom, my mother in law, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and friends. I have taken the time to learn from their wisdom, their strength, and their passion when it comes to raising their children. I know this day can bring pain to the hearts of so many, those who have lost a child, given up a child for adoption, those still waiting for a child of their own and many others for reasons I may not be able to understand. I know that this day can be a burden on their hearts, as it has been in mine for the years I have yearned for a child. This Mother’s Day I want to share reasons why you SHOULD celebrate this day.

God’s promises are good and he will bless you abundantly for your faithfulness.

This day is meant to celebrate strong women! I know the emotions that this day can bring to so many, but I believe in focusing on the good. Celebrate the women in your life who have been blessed with that gift. Ask for their support and guidance as you navigate your own journey to motherhood.

We should use this day to awaken a desire to celebrate mothers always! I know that the love from the mothers in my life is cause for celebration each and every day. While we know this day is set aside to honor them, I believe that special days like today will allow for us to find ways to express appreciation to our motherly figures more than just once a year.

We are called to be stewards of the faith! Celebrating the women in our life is another way to do just that. Anytime we allow God’s grace into our lives, we are able to proclaim the goodness that he promises.

Believe you are already a mother and celebrate this day for yourself! God’s innermost desire is that women fulfill their calling. If you are on the path to motherhood and it is something you truly desire, then you are already a mother. Your time may not come tomorrow, in a week, or even a year, but I truly believe that if this is your desire and you are purposeful in your actions then your purpose will eventually be fulfilled. It may look different than what you originally planned, but faith in God also includes faith in this image.

Your time is coming! We are all called here for a purpose and that purpose will be made known in God’s timing. Just like we are all made in God’s image, I believe that there will be a time when those yearning to be mothers will finally receive that gift. Believe in this promise for your own life!

Anytime we allow God’s grace into our lives, we are able to proclaim the goodness that he promises.

If you are waiting to become a mother, I hope that this Mother’s Day you will find comfort in your sorrow. Share in the joy of other mothers and know that your time is coming. God’s promises are good and he will bless you abundantly for your faithfulness.

Dear God, we pray for all those waiting to become mothers. We ask that their worries be calmed and their fears be put asunder. We ask that you bless them abundantly in the year ahead. Bless all mothers this Mother’s Day and watch over them as they continue to be role models for their children. In your name we pray, Amen.


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