A Season of Waiting

Psalm 27:13 I remain confident of this: I see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart . Wait for the Lord.

This summer my husband found a barely used rocking chair for sale online and we thought it would be the perfect fit for our nursery for future Baby Cournia. Ever since our purchase we have set it in the babies room where we will one day spend precious moments with our little one. From time to time I go in that empty room and sit with empty arms rocking in that chair, waiting for the day when the room will be filled with other nursery items: a crib, a changing table, books, baby clothes and the list goes on and on. We have bought very few baby related items, but the ones we have serve as constant reminders that the room sits empty however, I AM GRATEFUL FOR THIS! It might sound crazy, but I am so grateful for this wait and that empty room. I remain hopeful. Every time I take the time to spend some time in this empty room, I wait patiently for the day that it will be filled with the sweet sounds of a little one and no longer empty in silence.

The Lord promises great blessings to those who wait on him. The command to wait on Christ is present in the Old and New Testament and something God asks of us daily. Right now we wait eagerly and with confidence that the Lord’s character and goodness with prevail in our lives. Waiting is not always easy and it is about holding on to hope with great expectation and a strong conviction that the Lord will bless us with a baby. Trusting that the Lord will come at the most perfect moment, not too soon or too late is where our faith prevails. We will enjoy our time in waiting because we know that our greatest fear is so little compared to His biggest blessing. Trusting that the Lord will bless us abundantly has two key components. One is a complete reliance on God and the second is a readiness to allow Him to decide the terms, including the timing of His beautiful design. We must trust in this and wait patiently, even if our arms are empty and the rocking chair sits without much use. Waiting on the Lord requires this precious passage of time, which in itself is a gracious gift from God.

The word wait in the Bible conveys the impression of an assured anticipation and hope. Psalm 62:1-5 reminds us to wait in silence, “For God alone my soul waits in silence . . . my hope is from him.” How beautiful is this! God asks us to wait in silence, and to keep that faith, knowing our true hope is in Him. This revelation is so beautiful when you think of the waiting and the silence that we have experienced over the past two years. The Lord also promises that those who wait in Him, and while loving Him, will not be led astray. When we wait confidently for the Lord’s promises we know that He will always be there with a true defense. When I begin to doubt that a baby will come into our lives or that the nursery will sit empty forever, I must ask the Lord for his grace, to set aside my human tendencies and wait upon Him to show me His control, His fortitude, and His deliverance. When our fear tries to get the better of us, we must continually trust in His plan for our lives. Now this is not always easy to do, and trust me I have been tempted, but I am always made to believe that He is in power and I trust His promises for my life.

Our faith in Him helps us to know that God is not one who fails to accomplish what He has assured us. His promises cannot be undone and we will not be broken. He will prevail in His timing. As we choose to wait on God we are confident that what we are waiting for will surely emanate. Hebrews 11:1 reminds us that our faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. So for now, I will choose to be grateful for that empty room, the empty rocking chair, and my empty arms. I will choose to depend on Him and wait for His promises to prevail; letting Him work according to His will in my life.

Lord, cover me in your faithfulness. When my doubts and fears try to take over my faith in you, wrap me in your never ending grace. Show me the path to your righteousness and grant in me a faithful spirit. Give me the courage to trust in your timing and believe in your blessings for my life. Amen.


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