Where Faith Leads

“For with God, nothing shall be impossible – Luke 1:37

I never wanted to share our story. After all, who wants to share their deepest pain with the whole world? Most of the time, the stories we tell are only what we feel exemplify the best part of ourselves and our lives. We shouldn’t blame ourselves for this. I think it is human nature. We want to show our accomplishments to our family and friends. We feel good when we can share the best parts of our lives with those around us.

So when I say that I was afraid to share our journey with the world, I really mean that. I never, in no way, wanted to share our story. It may not seem like that now, but six months ago our hearts were in a much different place. We spent a lot of time in silence, even refraining from telling our closest family members. For a long time we suffered quietly as we did not know where our journey would take us. Over time however, I have found that God was slowly opening our hearts to something even greater.

As we walked together in our journey, there would be small instances where we would see that God had a different plan for our lives. I didn’t realize them while they were happening but looking back now, I know that this was all a part of God’s plan. These instances would be small, such as a friend telling us about an adoption story, striking up a conversation with a stranger and a story of adoption would come up, or seeing an advertisement on Facebook for an adoption agency.

Now we want our journey to be told all over the world! We want to hopefully inspire a couple who may also be struggling to tell their own story. I believe that this was God’s plan all along! Isn’t He marvelous?! After all even in 1 short month we have already been blessed in so many different ways! We have close to 500 followers on our adoption page and a website to share our story. We also recently found out that our announcement was published in the February edition of “On the Minds of Moms” Magazine, alongside a spread of other photos taken by our amazing photographer! What a wonderful way to share our lives with the world.

What we realize now is that slowly, but surely God was always there. His plan was unfolding right before our very eyes. He was asking us to trust in him, to trust in his plan and most importantly, trust in his timing.

One thing we underestimated in sharing our journey is the support we would receive from our family, friends, and even complete strangers. The heavens have been completely stormed with prayers from our parents, siblings, grandparents, coworkers and everyone in between. We cannot thank you enough for following our story, for praying for our family, or for sharing our journey with your friends and family. We are so humbled by the support we have received over the last month and we continue to look toward to the day that we get to bring home our baby.

I never wanted to share our story, but I realize now that there is no way we could have ever kept silent. It is crazy to think that only a few short months ago we were afraid to tell others about our struggle. Now looking back, I know God was speaking to us, asking us to trust in Him, and to know that with Him all things are truly possible.


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