The Beautiful Soul

“Those who hope in the Lord, renew their strength” -Isaiah 40:31

I never knew there could be a love for something that doesn’t exist. They say the love a parent has for a child is beyond measure. Someone without a child could never know the measure of the depths of that love. I would beg to differ.

The couple who waits for that one day when they finally receive the joyful news, are left devastated again and again. Each passing day, week, and month when that blessing doesn’t come, is another lost baby. Another soul which doesn’t take place into the hearts of the searching. These women, that couple, they feel these emotions, beyond anything greater than one could imagine. They know the sorrow and deep, deep love of a child lost each month.

God promises those who hope in him a renewal of strength. “They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not grow faint” Isaiah 40.31. That child, the one who doesn’t form in the womb each month, but forms in the perfect vision of the mother and father, is forever embedded into their hearts. They know one day that child will be theirs, a perfectly formed human being who is waiting to take his or her place on this earth.

I never knew I could love something that doesn’t exist, oh wait, it already does.

And that is a soul worth waiting for.

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